Consultations, Presentations & Testimonials


Do you need help developing and implementing your wellness policy? Or a presentation to offer creative suggestions and inspire change? Based on availability, Jacqueline Domac is able to provide excellent consultations, presentations and testimonials based on her successful policy work in the California State Public School System.

Domac’s speaking and consultation engagements have included:

• California State Assembly & California State Senate
• California Nutrition Network Social Marketing Conference
• National Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society Conference
• National Health Education and Health Promotion Association Conference
• United Teacher’s of Los Angeles Health and Human Services Conference
• The American Public Health Associations 131st Annual Meeting and Exposition
• Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies
• California Center for Public Health Advocacy
• Los Angeles Unified School District
• Baldwin Park Unified School District

Consultation and presentation topics include:

Selling Out our Children’s Health; How to Untangle Sound Policy from Corporate Influences
• Controlling your Media Message in Print and Film
• Strategies for Successful Grassroots Activism and Policy Change
• Wellness Policy Development, Implementation and Sustainability

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