2011 Health Legislation

The following are active health related bills in California as of August 2011:

AB 669 (Monning), also known as the “Soda Tax”, would tax sweetened beverages and provide funds for the Children’s Health Promotion Fund. It’s sponsored by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy and is currently in the Assembly Committee on Revenue & Taxation Suspense File.

AB 685 (Eng), would ensure that all Californians have access to safe and clean drinking water. It’s sponsored by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy and it’s currently in the CA Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 152 (Fuentes) would give Tax Credits to Farmers Donating Fresh Produce to Food Banks. The bill is sponsored by the California Association of Food Banks and goes to the Senate Appropriations committee on August 15th.

SB 653 (Steinberg) would authorize the governing board of any county or city and county, any school district, any community college district, and any county office of education subject to specified constitutional and voter approval requirements, to levy, increase, or extend a local personal income tax, transactions and use tax, vehicle license fee, and excise tax, including, but not limited to, an alcoholic beverages tax, a cigarette and tobacco products tax, a sweetened beverage tax, and an oil severance tax, as provided. Bill was amended into the contents of SBX1 23 and is in the Committee on Budget & Fiscal Review.

SB 380 (Wright)
is a bill concerning a Continuing Education Nutrition Course and sponsored by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. The bill would require the board to periodically disseminate information and educational material regarding nutritional and lifestyle behavior for prevention and treatment of chronic disease to physicians and surgeons and acute care hospitals. The bill would require the board to convene a working group regarding nutrition and lifestyle behavior, as specified. The bill went to the CA Assembly Appropriations Committee on July 15th.