Jacqueline Domac, Biography

Jacqueline Domac became a Health Teacher at Venice High School, in the Los Angeles Unified School District, in the fall of 1998. She served as Chair of the Health Department, the Coordinator of the Linking Education, Activity and Food Grant, and as a Policy Consultant for the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. As an educator, Domac is known for inspiring students to make responsible decisions regarding nutrition, physical activity, sexuality, drugs and other lifestyle choices.

Throughout her teaching career, Domac has encouraged students to become active in promoting social justice, animal welfare, and environmental protection. In 1999, Domac initiated the formation of Students for Public Health Advocacy and quickly made national headlines for innovative work in children’s health policy. Jacqueline Domac has been featured on the CBS Evening News, CNN, TIME Magazine, and are the subject of a recent PBS documentary entitled “Tipping the Scale”. Domac and her students have been credited with providing the grassroots activism that lead to the unanimous 7-0 LAUSD School Board Vote to end the sale of soda during school hours on all LAUSD school sites. This strategic success provided an impetus and foundation for elected officials to author and pass state laws eliminating the sale of soda and junk food from all public schools in the state of California.

Jacqueline Domac received the 2004 Teacher of the Year Award for the Los Angeles Unified School District (Dist. D) and is the recipient of the 2002 Healthy School Hero Award, presented to her by the National Education Association at the United States Healthy School Summit in Washington D.C. At the state level, Domac has been selected to serve as a Co-Chair of CA Senator Tom Torlakson’s Task Force on Youth and Workplace Wellness. California Project LEAN, the California State PTA, and the California State Senate, have also honored Domac for her teaching excellence and activism.

Jacqueline Domac was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in Pacific Grove, on the Monterey Peninsula. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law. 


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