Beverage Approval Procedure for Schools

Here is the procedure for having your beverage approved for sale in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Many districts have a similar procedure. For assistance with other school districts, please contact


Many products can be evaluated by checking the ingredient statement on the container. Products are required by law to have ingredient labels and nutritional information on the packaging. Attached is a checklist you can use to do a quick evaluation of a product. Any product containing prohibited ingredients will not be approved. You may use this Quick Beverage Evaluation Checklist to guide you through this process.

If you would like assistance in evaluating any product, you may submit product information to Food Services Branch. Once the required information is submitted, a Nutrition Specialist in the Food Services Branch will evaluate the beverage for compliance with the new policy.

Procedure for submitting product information for approval:

Schools or vendors that have products they would like approved for student service may submit products to the District’s Nutrition Services Section at the Newman Nutrition Center for review.

The following information must be provided via FAX, e-mail or US Mail:

1. Name of Product
2. Volume of Product
3. Ingredient Statement of Product (including grams of added sweetener)
4. Complete Nutritional Analysis of Product
5. % of Juice in Product (as applicable)
6. Caffeine Content of Beverage (as applicable).
7. Country of Origin
8. Type(s) of packaging and pack sizes available
9. Contact Person Information/Phone Number


(323) 343-1894


U.S. Mail:

Nutrition Services Section

Newman Nutrition Center

2310 Charlotte Street

Los Angeles, CA 90033