2009 Health Legislation

The following are bills in the California State Senate or Assembly that concern children’s health issues and are either in committee or chaptered. For the complete language and history of each bill, click HERE and plug in the bill #.


AB 346 Torlakson (D-11) Joint-Use School Facilities: Would increase the flexibility of schools and communities to share facilities, land and other common resources through “joint use” agreements. Referred to Senate Committee on Education.

SB 4 Oropeza (D-28) Public Resources: State Beaches and Parks: Smoking Ban. Permits the Department of Parks and Recreation to develop and post signs at state beaches or a unit of the state park system to provide notice of the smoking prohibition.

Amended on June 18, 2009. Referred to the Committee on Governmental Organizations.

SB 257 Pavley (D-23) Lactation Accommodation, State Employees: Requires every state agency and department to notify each female employee nearing maternity leave of the provisions described above relating to lactation accommodation. Passed in Health Committee; referred to Committee on Appropriations.

AB 537 Arambula (D-31) ALBA Farmer’s Markets: Requires all operators of farmers’ markets to create a system that would allow EBT purchases. Passed in Agriculture Committee on April 29, 2009; in Committee on Appropriations.

AB 627 Brownley (D-41) CFPA Child Care: Nutritional Requirements. Requires, as a condition of licensure, that the child day care facility meet specified health and nutrition-related requirements. Referred to Senate Committees on Education and Health

AB 643 Skinner (D-14) Coalition of California Welfare Rights – Organization Food stamps: benefits transfers: Provides that food stamp benefits of a recipient who moves from one county to another be transferred from the former county to the new county, without the recipient having to file a new application and in a manner that provides uninterrupted continued benefits to the recipient. Referred to Senate Committee on Human Services.

AB 719 B. Lowenthal (D-54) California Welfare Directors’ Association – Transitional food stamps for foster youth: Requires the Department of Health Care Services to create the Transitional Food Stamps for Foster Youth Program. In Senate Committee on Human Services.

AB 1057 Beall (D-24) California Food Policy Advocates CalWORKs and Food Stamp Program: reporting: Requires the Human Services Department to streamline the Food Stamp Program verification process at application. In Appropriations Committee.

AB 1488 Hall (D-52) Public Health: food justice Requires the Department of Food and Agriculture, in consultation with the State Department of Public Health and the State Department of Social Services, to provide recommendations to the legislature regarding actions that need to be taken to promote food justice in the state. In Committee on Agriculture.

AB 351 Salas (D-79) San Diego Unified School District Physical Education: Requires that specified programs and courses qualify toward meeting this requirement, including interscholastic athletic programs, marching band, drill team, and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. The bill would make other technical and clarifying changes.

ACR 8 Torlakson (D-11) Wellness Task Force California Fitness Month: Proclaims the month of May 2009 as California Fitness Month, and would encourage all Californians to enrich their lives through proper diet and exercise. Passed and signed by the Governor

AB 95 Torlakson (D-11) CDE School Meals: Reimbursement: Specifies that, if the Superintendent of Public Instruction determines that the appropriation set forth in the Budget Act of 2008-09 is insufficient to fully fund all free and reduced price meal reimbursement claims, the State Department of Education shall notify the Legislature of the statutory funding amount necessary to reimburse school districts at the prescribed rate. The bill would appropriate $19,500,000 to reimburse claims pursuant to those provisions. In Committee on Education

AB 89 Torlakson (D-11) Taxation: cigarettes and other tobacco products: Imposes an additional excise tax on the distribution of cigarettes at the rate of $0.105 for each cigarette sold. In Committee on Governmental Organization

AB 426 Hall (D-52) Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes: States the intent of the legislature to enact legislation that would reduce the incidence of childhood and adolescent diabetes in California. In Committee on Education.

AB 513 DeLeon (D-45) CWA Health Care Coverage: Breastfeeding: Requires health care service plans and health insurers to include coverage for lactation consultation and for the rental of breast pumps as part of their health care service plan contracts or health insurance policies that provide maternity coverage. Referred to Senate Committee on Health.

ACR 29 Jones (D-9) Health Disparities: Racial and Ethnic Populations: Requests the California Health and Human Services Agency to provide leadership to ensure that departments within the agency implement programs, activities, and strategies that place a priority focus on preventing, reducing, and eliminating health disparities. Amended on June 16, 2009 and referred to the Senate Committee on Appropriations.