NJF in the NEWS

The following articles feature Jacqueline Domac and NoJunkFood.org. Please click title to view full article.

It’s school lunch week; hold out your trays, Los Angeles Times

Kids are getting fatter and fatter. Are your school food service polices part of the problem? American School Board Journal

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Tipping the Scale, Life and Times Documentary, PBS (Part 2)

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Soda shake-up: More schools taking fizz out of vending machine contracts, The Shape We’re In

Movement Builds to Block Corporate Marketing in Public Schools, The New Standard

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Prevention of Overweight and Obesity: Focus on Children and Adolescents, Medscape Today

Health Dialogues Remote: Nutrition in School Lunches, 89.3 KPCC Talk of the City

Pepperdine Funds 43 Law Students for Public Interest Work, Pepperdine University

L.A. Schools Set to Can Soda Sales, Los Angeles Times

Can Food Companies be Trusted to Self-Regulate?, Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review