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California Gives Hope to Kosovo in Fighting the Obesity Epidemic: New Food in a New Nation

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

LAUSD school food is back in the spotlight! With the recent elimination of flavored milk at the nation’s second largest school district in the United States, the Los Angeles Unified School District is making headlines again from coast to coast. In light of the latest developments, I’m posting my most recent interview with the leading current affairs TV show in Kosovo. According to the interviewer, “Just in the last decade [Kosovo] has started to experience a boom in the fast food industry with zero awareness on the negative effects.” The news station was desperate to hear our story describing how we successfully eliminated junk food and sodas from school vending machines in California and asked for my thoughts on future school food reform. The following is a five minute excerpt from the hour long report, which incited the highest volume of emails and phone calls regarding the broadcast of any of their special reports thus far.

Domac Interview for Kosovo Health Policy Documentary from jacqueline domac on Vimeo.

Note: The students pictured in the video are from stock footage provided by the network. My health students were approximately 80% Latino and my classroom was far more crowded.


Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

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